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Don Iveson

Over the past six years, Don has leveraged his pragmatism, creativity, and collaborative attitude in working to build the City of Edmonton. His command of issues and his passion for people have helped to address the increasingly challenging issues faced by Edmonton during a period of rapid growth and evolution. Don has been a leading voice for the Neighbourhood Reconstruction Program, working to reverse cuts in this area and bring about much-needed investment in rebuilding neighbourhood streets and sidewalks. He has pushed for strategic transportation planning integrated with our city’s neighbourhoods and future growth, and led the development of a 30-year vision for regional transit and the creation of a regional Smart Transit pass. Don has served as chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and currently chairs the Regional Transit Committee of the Capital Region Board, where he has fostered strong relationships with municipal leaders throughout the region.


What I think:

Young, vibrant, energetic, with the bent towards revitalization. Trouble is, what does that mean? Clearly he's adept at social media and likely appeals to a younger set.  He might have some good ideas but pot holes alone won't cut it. Needs to get out more of his platform. 


Karen Leibovici

Karen was elected to the Edmonton City Council in 2001 and is in her fourth term. She has served as Chair or Vice-Chair of numerous committees including the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Executive Committee, and the Community Services Committee.  Karen was a key proponent of the 156th street overpass that paved the way for new business to grow within Edmonton while allowing easy access to other markets. She worked on the Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) file as well as working with the West Edmonton Business Association to help business attract more clients.  Karen is also involved in several Council Boards and initiatives including the Contaminated Gas Stations Task Force, Transforming Edmonton, Traffic Safety and the Northern/Circumpolar Initiative.  In 2002 Karen became involved with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). She chaired the committee, which brought their annual general meeting to Edmonton in 2004. In 2012 she stepped down as Chair of the Green Municipal Fund to become President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.


What I think:

No question she is the most qualified Candidate. She has experience with all levels of government and is well respected. She has no problem getting consensus but can be a pit bull when needed.  What she does need is more pizzazz and soon!

Kerry Diotte

Diotte was elected to City Council in October 2010 in his first attempt at a Council seat after a 30-year career as an award-winning journalist.  Kerry worked in radio, television and print media for such organizations a CBC-TV, the Ottawa Journal, the Calgary Sun and the Edmonton Sun.  He has earned a reputation as a fiscal watchdog with a big heart who communicates extensively with constituents, especially through social media.  While working at the Edmonton Sun, Kerry found his niche as an opinion columnist covering civic issues.  His direct writing style, knowledge of issues and flair for helping readers solve their problems made him one of Edmonton's most popular columnists.


What I think:

Was an editorial heavyweight but has not enjoyed the same power on Council. Desperately needs a Campaign Manager.  He can't rely on the arena issue for everything though clearly Voters should know what he plans to do about similar issues in the future. 

September 26, 2013

An opportunity to be seen and heard again! Complete with a direct personal opinion or two of course.  Don't get fooled about pot holes, mayors have wives and your money to a billionaire. Watch by clicking on the logo.

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