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They say the written word is the most powerful weapon the world has ever seen.  Sadly over the course of many years the written word has been cast aside as a new generation finds other means of communication. I think for now, given my silence on air, I will return to the written word, however i will also take the advantages of social media and see if I can reach out in a new way. 

I am no fool and know full well this will never work without your participation. So through the blog, twitter and hopefully live chat, I am hoping we become partners in shaping a wee bit of tomorrow. Through written dialogue I am hoping we recreate the trust we enjoyed on air and through that trust we delve into serious issues that make us both think. That was the power of talk radio. Naturally I am also hoping we get to giggle a bit and if I could, I would be playing a song or two....that's not going to happen but I would think good music for you!

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