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Whoring our girl children

Suddenly everyone is talking about Halloween and it isn't about which treat is the best. Incidentally, that would be rockets. What seems to be gripping conversation these days is whether the costume we have for the boy types and the girl types is appropriate. Gone are the days when ghosts and goblins ruled the walk (tho I've never actually seen a goblin). Now costumes of adventure heroes like Thor and Spiderman are very popular and all girls dress like they rent by the hour. And I mean all girls, regardless of age. When did it suddenly become the norm to look like a strumpet? You'd think in the time of women's liberation we would have come a tad farther, but nope, we have been reduced to strumpets. Must have something to do with the crap we see on television where every girl regardless of size and shape is attempting to whore herself to someone for something. So for Halloween, not only do so many of us feel this is the right time to annoy all minorities regardless of race, colour or creed, as women we allow ourselves to be paraded about like chunks of meat. Curious about one thing tho, what woman who lives in this country cares so little about her child's self respect, let alone her own, that she would parade her child as tho she were for sale. What an embarrassment, what a shame. remember it's rockets!! primeau

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