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Radio has been my life's passion for the past many years, most recently at 630 CHED. There couldn't have been a better gig in the entire world, but how did I get there?


As with most people I worked at a station here, a station there.  CJCA, CKST, CKER, all preparing me for talk.  And why talk? Well picture it: driving through Sault St Marie once upon a time and the clouds rolled in, necessitating a layover in a seedy motel, (like I could remember).  Shower in the morning, some hot tea and a camp out in front of the $1.49 television set with the requisite rabbit ears. The only show that came in quasi clear was Donahue and I was hooked! What a great way to live!  Given my penchant for easy learning.  NOT.  It took me another decade to get to the promise land.


Along the way I delivered in a covered truck, worked in a gas station, worked community newspapers, launched a lawsuit or two,  played racquetball, ran Mayfair park,! Coulda been a beach bum.  One day my friend, Leopoldo Sorgiovanni, called to tell me CJCA was looking for a talk show host. I didn't know I couldn't do it so I applied and the rest is history.  


So this is who I am.  Childlike ruler of the seven worlds, the entire plant world and exalted leader of all animals large and small...or at least that's what I put on the station letterhead! 

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