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A Different Direction

There are many issues that need addressing and I hope this website will address many of them either by me, by you or a combination of both. However the issue of my departure must be addressed as there appear to be many rumours most with a hint of truth or at least possibility. It was a cold and dreary day....actually it wasn't; it was a beautiful July morning. Dismissals in radio as with most companies come with a standard adios amigo and it goes something like this: 'we have decided to take the station in a different direction and you don't fit in with our plans" or some variation. As much as I would love to have finished my broadcasting career with CHED it was not to be. CORUS has taken our four stations and decided to go one way and I was left waiting for the bus to go another way. I could bitch and moan about the whole business, after all it's kind of weird that 20 years in, you find yourself headed in another direction, but folks, this is business and the great business minds of my company thought they could do better without me and maybe they will. In my many years of radio I have seen people come and go, some dumped, some resign, some just fade a way. It's still all business and CORUS has a business to run. Clearly I was no longer an asset to them. Wondering whether I did this or they did that, changes nothing, they wanted a clean slate and that meant I was gone. I think they are in for a long haul. Radio is an interesting field of endeavour and talk radio even more so. The audience begins to depend on you, trust you, look for you in times of trouble and frankly they want to laugh with you when they are down. Radio stars, like me (and I may be the last for a while) become part of the family and it takes years to build that trust. CORUS and CHED will have a long road ahead but frankly, because I spent the BEST years of my career (thus far) with them, I can only wish them the very best. Truthfully I bleed the CHED colours; it took me years to get through those hallowed doors. I would have done anything to be a part of the CHED team and when I did get in, I did everything I could to prove my worth, just as every great broadcaster does! Many of the team still there, started while I was there; how could I not wish them well or wish them all the sincere joy I found while being on the air? The absolute best in radio have at sometime walked through those doors. Some are still there. So to those who continue to be part of CHED I wish you great success. As for me, in the immortal words of Auntie Mame when a door closes a window opens. New challenges await and frankly one can either choose to embrace or just get snarly... do take care, primeau

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