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Pink Stinks

Colour me crazy but i believe i am sick to death of the pink ribbon campaign! Buy a car and we'll donate one hundred bucks to the cause. Buy your next pair of jeans, mitts, running gear..really that blasted ribbon is everywhere and everywhere, somebody is making coin. If women weren't losing the tiddlywinks, what would we do for that self aware BS. And just this very day i did a little grocery shopping just to discover some...wait for it.... pink pumpkins!! That is so wrong on so many levels! If all these well meaning places wanted to really support the fight to end breast cancer, they can cough up the dough without the ridiculous campaigns. Anytime any business wants to make an extra buck or two they wrap a pink bow around it and voila, a ' from the heart, money we part', awareness campaign! Aren't you just the littlest bit curious as to how much money comes through the door and how much keeps on travelling to research or wherever it really goes? And how many less ladies are being scarred forever because of this insidious disease we are no closer to eradicating? Have a great thanksgiving... primeau

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