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Who's Teaching Who?

In mere minutes we'll be headed to the polls to elect a new mayor, new councillors and new trustees. I suppose you've given some thought to the mayoralty candidates and my guess is you've at least glanced at the list of councillors in your ward but i'm willing to bet my firstborn you have no idea who's running for school trustee. That is unless you know the incumbent, your kids are having trouble, or you're actually the one running. School trustees never get their just due. Hell, teachers don't get their just due, but they do get paid a decent dollar unlike trustees. The field of education is very much like a mine field. You know at every step someone is trying to kill you. Every parent, every student, everybody with two hands and a heart beat as an opinion on the educational system of this province. It takes very brave souls to run for this thankless position. Trust me no one ever really knows who's a trustee. When I was on the air I always had extra time for education. Granted the pay is decent, but the working conditions can be abysmal and then you get every tom, dick and dan with a belly button has ten cents worth of opinion and knowledge they absolutely MUST espouse. I always had to mind my Ps and Qs.. People thought me so outspoken I'd be on the verge of slander and libel. I almost felt it my civic duty to keep education in the forefront, after-all as taxpayers, a large chunk of your dollar goes there. So before you head to the polls Monday, take a look at who's running in your area and at least read up on what they stand for. Even if it makes you no expert, it makes you a tad more informed. Education, after-all, is about information and learning. get your A+ primeau

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