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Don Iveson Rules!

Congratulations Don Iveson. Ran a seriously energetic campaign and will now take this great city forward for the next four years. Congratulations to the other candidates who cared enough to throw their names in the hat. It takes a lot to decide and actually run for public office. Now what? It was a campaign about nothing, no major issues, aside from the normal rhetoric about snow removal, crappy roads, the city's debt and rising taxes and of course a whisper or two about the arena. It is one of the few elections I have been party to where I actually thought no one really cared and the voter turnout clearly reflected that. Voter apathy might actually be the biggest issue facing our young mayor. Over my many years in media after an apathetic election the phones go crazy with people complaining. They don't vote but they love to bitch!! What is truly sad, frankly devastating is the horrific number of women who ran. Thank God Bev Esslinger decided to run. As a great trustee she finally made the big leap and for that we have ONE woman on council. In the 21st century the idea we can't attract more women? Do women really care less about politics?? BTW This city owes a serious debt of gratitude to Karen Leibovici. She has been a terrific representative for Edmonton for many years. Hopefully the new mayor will take a lesson or two from her, then forge his own path of greatness. Now's the time to get behind our new mayor and help move our city forward!! In the meantime, in between time if that was an election, i guess we had it, primeau

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